Staying ahead of the market is an absolute must...

but as an independent trader how can you ensure that you're getting the best information and focusing on the right opportunities before they pass you by?

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The Forex Market Preview is your source for professional insight and expert analysis on the currency markets today.

The Forex Market Preview is a free weekly video newsletter delivered by non-other than Chief Currency Strategist & Co-Founder of TradeEmpowered, Jason Stapleton. Through the Forex Market Preview Jason shows you key trading opportunities for the week ahead.

This is not like other services that you see where you get a weekly review of what has already happened?

In the FMP we analyze a variety of currency pairs using some of the most well-respected strategies in the markets today to identify the best actionable trade ideas that you can take advantage   of   in   the   coming   days.

You'll see structure analysis, Fibonacci ratios, and of course, some of the most profitable advanced  patterns  ever  developed  like  the  Gartley,  Cypher,  and  more!!

The  best  part  about  the  Forex  Market  Preview? it's Absolutely Free

That's right... no risk... no cost... just exclusive content, great trading ideas, and much more delivered  to  you  every  week.

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  • Eric Kuschel

    Jason, excellent presentation, charts are easy to see and your analysis and explanation are easy to follow. The information you provide is the best out there!

  • Tom Simonis

    Loved the vid! You are one of the few forex traders out there that I follow. I love the clear, honest, no-nonsense approach. Keep up the good work!

  • Max Divien

    Hi Jason, I really appreciate your straight-on-no-BS technical analysis and humble sensible attitude both to the markets and towards the people who follow you. Keep doing what you're doing!